Reservia® - New reservation system with top performance.

A good reservation system combines various channels into one overall interface and ensures smooth communication between guest and restaurateur.

New reservation system with top performance

Why do you need a reservation system?

Increase supply and demand

Every restaurant and every restaurateur is unique. Finding a customized reservation system is therefore not always easy and often leads to long searches on the World Wide Web or, in the worst case, to a return to paperwork. Reservia shows you all the advantages AND disadvantages of our digital reservation book and illustrates why a reservation system should definitely be digitalized.

Increase in guest satisfaction

The implementation of a digital reservation book makes it easier for everyone involved, both restaurateurs and guests, to make reservations easily. Simple, convenient and 24/7 reservations - that's the technology your guests want. Increase your customer satisfaction in a targeted manner and create THE unique selling point in your region. Only those who stand out have a chance on the digital market!

Don't miss out on progress

If you opt for a modern, computer-based solution, such as an online cloud, you have many advantages. Here are some decision-making aids to help you make the right choice. A change of system is also often helpful and opens up new possibilities. It is also possible to enter into cooperation with an existing system, provided that the course for cooperation is set by both sides. Read our Reservia:leaked news blog to find out about other interesting topics relating to the digitalization of the catering industry, why the future is happening online and what measures you should definitely take now.

Work faster and more efficiently

The greatest and most sought-after added value is of course the increase in sales and the improvement in efficiency and speed. Organize digitally detachable activities and ensure a clear line in the restaurant. Be present and customer-oriented instead of haphazard and chaotic. First of all, put an end to the paperwork, change the reservation options and store them digitally. According to statistics, around 80% of callers google your telephone number to make contact. Intercept the contact request directly online and guide your guests to the online reservation. The time saved by unnecessary phone calls is immense and is greatly underestimated!

Automate your reservation process and save valuable time!

Fully automated reservation processes not only simplify the process between guest and restaurant, they also enable your employees to work more efficiently and save time.

What is a reservation system?

No more paperwork.

A reservation system or booking system in the general sense refers to the computer-based use of helpful applications for the efficient and fast processing of incoming reservations. It is important that the resources provided, such as tables, chairs and rooms, can be reserved without conflict. The software used ensures automatic synchronization of reservations from different channels. For example, reservations received by telephone, on site and online are matched and collated. Here is an example of the Reservia process. Typically, systems developed over many years also have connections to cash register systems, shift schedules and much more. Reservia, on the other hand, focuses entirely on outsourcing 100 percent of your online reservations and combines traditional channels such as telephone and on-site reservations. Reservation systems can be found in many industries, such as hotels, cinemas and theaters. Our reservation system is also ideal for events, parties and wedding celebrations. With the clickable online reservation option, guests can also reserve entire rooms for special events. This service is complemented by a pre-selection of dishes. For example, when reserving a room (e.g. a guest room), you can choose directly whether you prefer à la carte or buffet dining.

Is a digital reservation book necessary?

There is no obligation, but there are clear recommendations!


Our customers are passionate entrepreneurs and think every day about how they can create even more added value for their guests. We are passionate about innovation and keep an eye on the market situation. An online reservation is an absolute MUST for every restaurateur who values the future.


24/7 outsourced reservations without loss of storage with our cloud-based solution. Manage all reservations regardless of your location. Live view of the restaurant, occupied tables, incoming reservations, integrated database with archive function, reservations that can be entered on site and much more.


Work with the latest technology! WebAssembly. All major browser developers (Microsoft, Google, Apple, Mozilla, Opera) are driving the development of WebAssembly as part of the "Open Web" platform. Advantages? Faster loading times, more efficient applications thanks to high-performance bytecode in conjunction with your browser.

Why your reservation software should be dynamic!

Dynamic development is the way forward.

WebAssembly based system

Guests’ demands are increasing, quality standards are rising – also digitally.

WebAssembly is an open standard that defines a bytecode that leads to the execution of programs within web browsers. This enables faster and more efficient display, management and editing of the application. Without any installation!

WordPress is a free content management system, CMS for short, which is being continuously developed as an open source project. We rely on this comprehensive and popular CMS to enable you to customize your website solution. The biggest advantage here is self-maintenance, which is done very easily using front-end editing. You will receive training on website booking here.

Webassembly | Reservia
Wordpress | Reservia
Booking system: advanced component

Which components play an important role?

Content management system

A modern content management system (CMS) is required to enable the graphical display of incoming reservations. We at Reservia prefer the open source platform WordPress. Thanks to its dynamism and flexibility, even complex customizations can be implemented in a concrete and conflict-free manner.


Guest information is stored via our system in compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation and can be accessed at any time. For example, regular guests can be better managed and looked after, recurring events can be recorded and major events can be planned in advance.

Security from the market leader

Cybersecurity plays a central role in today's world and is more important than ever. With regard to guest data and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a security breach is also not a cheap pleasure. Entrepreneurs can be fined up to 20 million euros for violations. That's why it's called safety first. Look carefully for a system that also fulfills tomorrow's requirements. At Reservia, we attach great importance to quality, security and the protection of personal data. With market-leading partners (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services) and the latest software architecture, you are on the safe side!

Exploit channels

Social media is not just a brief internet hype. We're talking about over 2.9 billion users (latest status: second quarter, 2021) who use Facebook, Instagram and the like every day. This method of free advertising should not go unnoticed. After all, this is one of the few easy ways to present new events, parties or dishes to your guests. Loyal followers are also advertising media that should not be underestimated. Sharing pictures, hashtag links and comments will keep your restaurant in the conversation. Reservia helps you to create various channels, the right advertising and target group-oriented marketing in social media channels.

Advantages for you as a restaurateur

Fact check – Top 3 advantages:


Clearly, working smart and outsourcing unnecessary tasks saves time. Reservia ensures automatic processing, including the latest software technology, quickly and efficiently. Rounded off with e-mail auto-responders and other great features!


By distributing your online reservation on various channels such as Google, Bing and social media, guests will become aware of your restaurant more quickly. You demonstrably receive more reservations, more satisfied guests and higher revenues.


The interactive, visual reservation of space using clickable tables, chairs and rooms sets you apart from the competition. Modern, digital, up2date and accessible for young people, you ensure a future-proof and competitive gastronomy.