The future is digital.

COVID-19 has not made it easy for all of us. Suddenly, concepts had to be developed, information had to be communicated to guests promptly and compliance with the measures had to be ensured. We show you how you can solve these and other challenges in a simple and future-proof way.

Restaurant digitization

The number of reservations made by telephone or on site, which is still typical today, has demonstrably decreased statistically. Similarly, simple tools are often no longer sufficient. Guests long for more. Just what many other industries already offer – an online reservation with a visual plan. The Reservia online reservation software solves this problem. Using clickable tables, chairs and rooms, your guests can select and reserve the desired seats individually and directly on your website.

What does digitization mean for my restaurant?

In order to continue to be successful in a future-proof and competitive manner, targeted measures are required to do justice to the technological advances and the associated simplifications for guests.

Online offer

Manage requests correctly

Would you like to follow live which tables are reserved?

The Reservia reservation system works LIVE. This means that guests’ entries on your website are transmitted synchronously to the system. This allows you to conveniently query, reply to, confirm or reject reservations from anywhere. You can also keep an overview at all times. With our traffic light system, you can easily and simply see which tables are already reserved, which will soon be occupied and which are available. Likewise, a period of time runs automatically after the reservation confirmation, this runs until the guest leaves. Here we keep space for later statistics and evaluations.

Your guests also have this view, but of course without the table number or name of the person making the reservation. A simple traffic light system colors the tables that are still available and those that are already occupied red and green. This prevents double reservations.

Your guests can decide for themselves where they want to sit, when, who, at what time and with how many people they want to visit the restaurant. As a restaurateur, all you have to do is confirm or decline; overlapping of reservable seats is controlled and prevented by configurable time intervals.

Digital reservation book

Reservation via smartphone, tablet or classic computer (PC)

Free reservation of your guests without telephone calls or queries. You will receive the incoming reservation directly in your new Reservia reservation system. Seats that have already been reserved are marked red for the guest to prevent overlapping reservations.

Guest view

Reservierung Gast Tischplan interaktiv | Reservia

Restaurant view

Reservierung Backend
Reservation system with table plan

Reservation request is transmitted live to the system.

As soon as a guest makes a reservation on your website, Reservia transfers the entered data directly to your Reservia reservation system. This reservation request can now be processed, accepted or rejected. After confirmation or rejection, the guest making the reservation will receive information by e-mail. If a guest cancels themselves, you can easily delete the reservation in the system.

The restaurant of the future

Which reservation system is right for me?