Website as a sales tool. Visit = added value?

With target group analysis, a clear concept and appealing content as well as a logical user journey, nothing stands in the way of online sales.

Exploit attention span

According to statistics, a website visitor, whether using a tablet or smartphone, only stays on a website for an average of 8 seconds before leaving it.

It is therefore important to give visitors the best possible first impression of the store in precisely this short period of time.

Several factors play an essential role here:

– Meaningful pictures
– Clarity
– Information about the restaurant
– Responsive

The points listed here are first and foremost logical and should definitely be present on every good website.

"Form follows function"

The classic design rule “form follows function” (the function determines the form) also remains valid in the field of web design. Every element of a website should be designed in such a way that it not only appeals to the eye, but also optimally fulfills its function.

An important factor for Google is whether the content is immediately visible (i.e. without scrolling) and whether the design of a page is helpful for the user. Content, white space, navigation menu – all the basic elements of a website should be positioned in such a way that the first-time visitor can understand what the website is about in just a few seconds.

When we talk about good web design, it’s not just about aesthetics. Good web design is not only beautiful, but also technically flawless. In particular, 404 errors should be avoided.