Smart event management with online payment and autom. Communication

You will love it. Don’t just let your visitors buy their tickets online, give them the opportunity to choose their own seat or table and show possible ordering options during the booking process.

A fully automated event booking process

Due to the increasing number of digital options, more and more event organizers are shifting to an online solution. Digital events, or hybrid events, show the digital way of the future. Build the bridge to these events with Reservia and create a smooth booking process for tickets, specific seats and the option to pay online.

Why so dark?

You are free to decide. Our system can be operated in live mode between two views. We recommend the “Dark” mode for wireless devices with a battery, as it is more economical.

Day "Lite" view
Night "Dark" view
Online Reservierungssystem, Reservia, Ihr Festzelt System

Convenient event bookings with our event management software

No matter what size

Our user-friendly event management software enables customers to plan and organize events quickly and effortlessly online. With just a few clicks, you can check availability, select the desired event date and complete the booking.

The advantages of our event reservation software

4 good reasons

  • Time savings: Customers can book events around the clock, regardless of your event company’s office hours.
  • Error reduction: Avoid double bookings and booking errors thanks to our automated system.
  • Customer loyalty: Provide customers with a convenient booking experience and increase their satisfaction.
  • Resource optimization: Manage venues, services and resources more efficiently.
Step-by-step guide to using our event booking system

Configure customized processes

  1. Create your individual configuration for each occasion / event or function.
  2. Decide easily which tables, seats and rooms are available and which will be bookable when and how depending on criteria.
  3. Give your Reservia Assistant specifications and framework conditions so that guests can be automatically corrected directly during the reservation process.
  4. Determine whether reservations are payable per person, per order or per item or are free.
  5. Send automatic replies by e-mail or SMS. Also possible with attachments in PDF format, e.g. generated Reservia invoices, GTCs etc.
Optimize event planning: the importance of an efficient online event scheduler

Individual, complex measures can be controlled individually for each event

Simply offer more than a simple registration or request by good luck. A uniquely well thought-out process makes work easier for you and your team and saves time.

Smart testing

Simply test our online reservation system free of charge. Without storing payment methods or entering your data.

Easy handling

The plug-in can be integrated into any existing website due to its dynamic nature. This is done easily using a simple iFrame solution!

DACH compliant

Germany, Austria or Switzerland - our software adapts to the legal requirements of a wide range of countries. Can also be used internationally.

Questions? We will be happy to help you.