Individual process optimization for cities and municipalities

Offer your citizens the opportunity to manage everyday tasks online. This also applies to the registration procedures for processes that can be mapped online. Simple booking options for city events or community festivals. Rental of halls and rooms, conference rooms and much more.

Reservia - Efficient and smart way of working

Nowadays, citizens expect simple and uncomplicated ways to plan services and appointments with their city or municipal administration. An online booking system is crucial in local government to meet this need while optimizing the booking process. It minimizes booking errors and prevents double bookings.

Why so dark?

You are free to decide. Our system can be operated in live mode between two views. We recommend the “Dark” mode for wireless devices with a battery, as it is more economical.

Day "Lite" view
Night "Dark" view
Online Reservierungssystem, Reservia, Ihr Festzelt System

Convenient service planning with our local authority management software

Management of festivals, special occasions, recurring events

Our user-friendly municipal administration software enables citizens to plan services and appointments quickly and easily online. With just a few clicks you can check availability, select the desired date and complete the booking.

The advantages of our reservation software for cities and municipalities

4 good reasons

  • Time savings: Citizens can book services around the clock, regardless of the administration’s opening hours.
  • Error reduction: Avoid double bookings and booking errors thanks to our automated system.
  • Citizen proximity: Offer your citizens a convenient booking experience and increase their satisfaction.
  • Resource optimization: Manage urban resources and services more efficiently.
Reservia for cities and municipalities

Configure customized processes

  1. Enable simple and smart rental of your rooms and halls. Plan and manage a major event with just one system.
  2. Decide easily which elements are shown, are freely available and in which dependencies can be booked.
  3. Give your Reservia Assistant specifications and framework conditions so that your customers can be automatically corrected directly during the booking process.
  4. Determine when a booking is subject to payment and which methods can be used for payment.
  5. Send automatic replies by e-mail or SMS. Also possible with attachments in PDF format, e.g. generated invoices, general terms and conditions etc.
Optimize administrative processes: The importance of an efficient online appointment scheduler in cities and municipalities

Simplify registrations and offer them digitally

Show your city how digital you are and take another step towards an “almost” paperless future. We are your partner for all questions.

Smart testing

Test Reservia free of charge and without obligation for up to 30 days. Without depositing your means of payment and your own access to the test environment.

Easy handling

The reservation form for your guests can be easily integrated into any existing website via iFrame or script (HTML). We are happy to help you with this.


With a strong partner at hand, we not only meet the highest standards but also use technologies such as 2FA to protect your security and that of your guests in the best possible way.

Questions? We will be happy to help you.